In episode 2 of Sustainacast, I sat down with Marty Grohman of GAF – America’s largest roofing manufacturer. In this discussion, we talked about where sustainability at GAF has developed from and where it’s headed.

We discussed the market reach and impact of GAF’s “Certified Green Roofer” program, and talked about various considerations in the world of roofing including recycling, insulation, vegetated roofing, rainwater harvesting and touched on some embodied energy conversations regarding different roof choices.

Here’s the show notes with time-markers of what we covered;

05:00 Introducing today’s guest: Marty Grohman
06:00 Where did sustainability at GAF develop from? and where has it evolved the last few years?
09:30 The responsibilty of a sustainability director
11:30 The influence of roofing in the building design & operation
13:00 What are the type of roofs does GAF manufacture?
14:30 Shingle recycling
16:40 Are manufacturers directly involved in recycling shingles and other roofing?
21:00 What are the types of insulation being manufactured & used by GAF?
24:10 Reflective vs non reflective roof coatings
29:00 Sustainability choices when manufacturing & selecting roofs
31:00 What makes a roof “solar ready”?
32:30 Plans/direction at GAF in the next 5 years
36:00 How to contact Martin Grohman

VIDEO – Marty Grohman @ GreenBuild 2013

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