In 2012, The Hotchkiss School had to completely replace and upgrade their central heating plant. This presented a unique opportunity to take a major step toward achieving climate commitment goals, while providing a stronger integration between the mission of the community and ongoing education opportunities in sustainability and environment.
Josh talked with me about more than just Biomass however. We discuss:
* The role of a sustainability department or director
* How & Why this project could just as easily have been “business as usual”
* The importance of being honest with community & clients about this topic
* How this project and other projects have been connected to the classroom/curriculum
* What has changed as the school and the community have become more sophisticated about sustainability
* The challenge of following up from a BIG project or BIG win.
Photo Credit - Jonathan Doster - Hotchkiss Biomass Plant Interior#3

The Hotchkiss School – Interior of Biomass Plant – View of Boilers

Photo Credit - Jonathan Doster - Hotchkiss Biomass Plant Interior

The Hotchkiss School – Biomass Plant – Observation Deck

Photo Credit - Jonathan Doster - Hotchkiss Biomass Plant Interior#2

Biomass Plant – Messersmith Boilers

I hope you enjoy our discussion.
For more information on this topic, go to
Katharine Pastore 2013  Illustration Biomass Facility

In 2014, Hotchkiss student Katharine Pastore won a Gold Key award in the 2013 Scholastic Art competition for this charcoal drawing (image left) of The Hotchkiss School’s biomass facility – “Industrial Interior, 24×18.” The art piece is a wonderful example of how the student body is taking the discussion and idea of how sustainability works within the community, and adding to this message.


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