Our Pre-Conceived Ideas Around Sustainability, with Clay Mitchell, Ph.D

What better day to release a brand spanking new episode of Sustainacast, than on EARTH DAY 2017! After an epic gap between episodes, I'm really pleased to bring you this discussion with my good friend Clay Mitchell. I can't thank Clay enough for helping me get this project kick started again, and for such an interesting discussion. You can learn more about him and find him HERE. It's been a very big gap between recordings, so thanks for … [Read more...]

#17 The Power to Save The World: The Truth About Nuclear Energy

In follow up to my previous episode with Robert Bryce (@pwrhungry), I'm really excited to bring you this deep dive into Nuclear Energy with author Gwyneth Cravens. It was clear to me from feedback on the previous episode, that there was a need for me to look into Nuclear Energy to help explore answers to some really troubling questions that came my way. Questions like What do you do with radioactive waste that could last 10,000 years or … [Read more...]

#16 The Myths of Green Energy with Robert Bryce

with Robert Bryce, author of Power Hungry

My introduction in this episode of Sustainacast is longer than normal, because I want to do my best to set the stage for some very thought provoking discussion on the topic of energy. Robert Bryce (www.robertbryce.com, @pwrhungry) is the author of many books on energy & the energy industry. Of these publications, his book "Power Hungry: The Myths of Green Energy & The Real Fuels of the Future" is the reason I contacted Robert to have … [Read more...]

#15 Authenticating Sustainability with John Rooks

John Rooks is the founder of SOAP Group and a recent software startup called Rapport.io In a TEDex talk a couple years ago, he did a wonderful presentation on "authenticating sustainability" in which he introduces the concept of the "Simulacrum" - Check out the TED Talk here - The Simulocrum is essentially the copy of an original that doesn't really exist. And John says that this concept can be found routinely in the world of … [Read more...]

#14 Creating Products for 100% Impact with Daniel Flynn of ThankYou Group

At the age of 19 with some Co-Founders, Daniel Flynn launched a Bottled Water company called ThankYou Water. Not only is this one of the most capital intensive business to start, but it's incredibly competitive and one of the most contentious industries in the world... But ThankYou Water had a different idea. They took their brand and put 100% of the profits into funding water projects in un-developed countries without access to clean drinking … [Read more...]

#13 Who Gives A Crap? with Simon Griffiths

How do you take a mundane product like toilet paper, and use it as a tool to change the world? Simon Griffiths is the co-founder and social entrepreneur behind legendary Australian toilet paper company "Who Gives A Crap". I sat down with him in his office in Fitzroy, Melbourne Australia to talk about social enterprise and the nuts and bolts behind getting a business off the ground that makes an impact. In this episode we talked about all … [Read more...]

#12 When Girl Meets Oil with Christine Bader

Have you ever thought about what really goes on behind the scenes of some of the largest and most controversial companies in the world? My guest this week is Christine Bader, author of "The Evolution of a Corporate Idealist: When Girl Meets Oil" Christine worked behind the scenes with BP for almost a decade, helping to execute some of the largest and most complex oil and natural gas extraction projects in the world. Unlike "extraction" … [Read more...]

#11 The Evolution of Artificial Light with Jane Brox

Have you stopped to consider just how convenient your life is with lighting, and how significant of an impact this has on your lifestyle? Chances are, you're reading this on a backlit screen or perhaps you're listening to this at night when you should be in bed (but can stay up much later due to lighting) In this episode I had a fascinating conversation with Jane Brox, author of Brilliant: The Evolution of Artificial Light. Part history … [Read more...]

#10 Brewing a Better Coffee Industry with Tracy Allen of Brewed Behavior

Have you ever wondered how decisions about your morning cup of coffee impact farmers, land management and communities in faraway places? I've drunk more than enough coffee to consider this question, so I reached out to Tracy Allen of Brewed Behavior¬†to walk me through the how the coffee industry can and is being designed to benefit small farmers, small communities, top quality and all the while meeting the demands of big consumer brands. In my … [Read more...]

#09 Peak Travel – Is travel as we know it unsustainable?

Have you ever thought about how long it will be before you can no longer afford to take airline flights? Or more importantly how long before the environmental problems with airline and other forms of travel & transportation become too important or significant to ignore? (NOTE: A blog post with the show notes that relate to travel impact figures etc, is being finished and edited as we speak, and will be live this week of 10/27) These … [Read more...]