In this episode, I had the pleasure of chatting with Amy Seif Hattan of Thornton Tomasetti. Amy is the Corporate Sustainability Officer for the global consulting firm with over 800 employee’s. They do engineering, design, investigation & consulting on projects with a focus on the full life cycle of a building.

Originally I thought this episode was going to be about “Carbon Footprinting”, until Amy helped guide the conversation toward the fact that this isn’t necessarily a great place to start a sustainability program or effort… So listen in for everything from “getting started tips” to “how to” strategies for carbon footprinting and reporting for your organization.

This week, I dish out a little challenge for you, the listener – If you take the time to do this, I’m certain you will pay for the time it takes to do it by a factor of over 1,000…

I hope you decide to take action from this episode, and if you do – below the “play by play” show notes are a few resources to help you out – Thanks to Amy for these links 🙂


Show Notes/Time Stamps
0.00 – 07.00 – Intro & this week’s challenge!
07:00 Amy’s backgound in corporate sustainability
09:30 How have you noticed interest in climate change and sustainability develop over time?
13:00 How the corporate sustainability program began at Thornton Tomasetti.
17:00 LEED Certification as a strategy for engagement – hard or easy?
18:30 The benefits of being a company that provides LEED certification.
20:40 Amy’s work before the transition to Thornton Tomasetti.
22:00 How everyone at Thornton Tomasetti got involved in the sustainability programs.
27:00 Integration of sustainability programs into a company.
29:30 How Thornton Tomasetti maps their carbon foot print.
32:30 What type of carbon foot printing they are doing – ie. fuel, transportation, buildings etc.
36:45 Balancing all the sustainability work at Thornton Tomasetti.


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