How do you take a mundane product like toilet paper, and use it as a tool to change the world?

Simon Griffiths is the co-founder and social entrepreneur behind legendary Australian toilet paper company “Who Gives A Crap”. I sat down with him in his office in Fitzroy, Melbourne Australia to talk about social enterprise and the nuts and bolts behind getting a business off the ground that makes an impact.

In this episode we talked about all kinds of considerations that come into play when connecting your business with a social mission including;
– Balancing Profits vs Benefits
– Deciding what % to commit to
– Corporate structure
– Taking on investment
– What should your mission be?
– Selecting partners to achieve that mission
– Un-expected benefits

and so much more!!

Oh – and make sure you also check out a podcast episode on Small Business Big Marketing where I first heard about Simon Griffiths at

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