At the age of 19 with some Co-Founders, Daniel Flynn launched a Bottled Water company called ThankYou Water. Not only is this one of the most capital intensive business to start, but it’s incredibly competitive and one of the most contentious industries in the world…

But ThankYou Water had a different idea. They took their brand and put 100% of the profits into funding water projects in un-developed countries without access to clean drinking water.

The result is that they’ve helped over 50,000 people get access to clean water, and now grown their product line to over 30 different products that include water, food and personal care.

In this episode, Daniel Flynn talks with me about the journey of building the brand, and going head to head with some of the biggest consumer brands. And most of all, we go deep into the amazing outcomes and challenges that have come from committing their brand to 100% Impact.


Check out their website at

And Check out this fantastic video of ThankYou’s campaign to get on the shelves of Coles & Woolworths, Australia’s biggest grocery chains.

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