John Rooks is the founder of SOAP Group and a recent software startup called

In a TEDex talk a couple years ago, he did a wonderful presentation on “authenticating sustainability” in which he introduces the concept of the “Simulacrum” – Check out the TED Talk here –

The Simulocrum is essentially the copy of an original that doesn’t really exist. And John says that this concept can be found routinely in the world of sustainability.

In this episode of Sustainacast, John talks with me about how society gets it’s education about sustainability from advertising, and this has therefore become the focus of sustainability for companies (how do we look??). The good news is that it’s helped elevate awareness, but the bad news is that people’s (and perhaps companies) ideas of what sustainability really looks like is probably not that far removed from going to Olive Garden for authentic Italian food.

John uses tons of examples, speaks from tons of experience and we even get into his newest venture which has begun gaining traction and some nice awards & recognition.

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You can find John on twitter @johnrooks OR @soapgroup

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