#8 Living Off The Grid with Chewonki Foundation

In last week's episode #7, I interviewed Tom Twist of The Chewonki Foundation about getting sustainability into the classroom (or ironically, out of it!). I mentioned that Tom & Chewonki have a short podcast series they developed to highlight some interesting work they've done on campus around sustainability & energy in particular. So I talked with Tom this week, and Chewonki have been nice enough to let me share one of these episodes … [Read more...]

#07 Planting Ideas for the Future with Tom Twist of The Chewonki Foundation

  In an effort to explore more about education & sustainability, I talked with Tom Twist, Sustainability Officer for The Chewonki Foundation in Maine. Tom shares his ideas and experiences with taking sustainability into the classroom... or better yet - Taking students out of the classroom to "experience" sustainability and it's challenges. If you get a chance, check out Chewonki's website where you can listen to some podcast … [Read more...]

#06 Getting Green Done with Auden Schendler of Aspen Skiing Company

In October 2007, Auden Schendler (@Audenschendler) of Aspen Skiing Company ignited a conversation about corporate sustainability when he appeared in a cover story article of Business Week magazine titled "Little Green Lies". The honest account of the real progress & struggles on sustainability within organizations inspired him to write a book about the subject. He then went on to release "Getting Green Done: Hard Truths from the front lines … [Read more...]

#5 – Galvanizing Mission & Education with Josh Hahn of The Hotchkiss School

In 2012, The Hotchkiss School had to completely replace and upgrade their central heating plant. This presented a unique opportunity to take a major step toward achieving climate commitment goals, while providing a stronger integration between the mission of the community and ongoing education opportunities in sustainability and environment. Josh talked with me about more than just Biomass however. We discuss: * The role of a … [Read more...]

#4 – Tiny Trash Campaign with Tyler Kidder of University of Southern Maine

In this episode, I talked with Tyler Kidder - from the Office of Sustainability at University of Southern Maine (USM). If you think this is just a discussion on recycling, then think again. This is an example of how to implement change within an organization that requires many different people changing one small behavior. It's jam packed with the transparency of reality, community resistance, success and learnings, and accompanied by some … [Read more...]

#3 – Starting & Measuring Sustainability with Amy Seif Hattan of Thornton Tomasetti

In this episode, I had the pleasure of chatting with Amy Seif Hattan of Thornton Tomasetti. Amy is the Corporate Sustainability Officer for the global consulting firm with over 800 employee's. They do engineering, design, investigation & consulting on projects with a focus on the full life cycle of a building. Originally I thought this episode was going to be about “Carbon Footprinting”, until Amy helped guide the conversation toward the … [Read more...]